Natural Stone

Pennsylvania Blue Stone Fire Place

This beautiful home in Woodway has stone all over the place. It has stone columns, stone fireplaces, stone walls and a stone stair tower.  It is what every other imitation product is trying to be.

Laying stone takes special skill and a practiced hand. You cannot beat how beautiful it looks when it’s finished.  I learned this skill back when craftsmanship mattered.


Outdoor Rumford Fireplace


And speaking of old world masonry craftsmanship, there is no better example of this than a Rumford Fireplace.   This outdoor fireplace is built in the the traditional manner with firebrick and stone.

This fireplace has a shallow firebox which reflects heat back at the room.  It is much more efficient than a typical American fireplace in that less heat goes up the chimney.

This fireplace has warmed many a family gathering here in the dark wet Northwest.